A Text User Interface/Console forms library for c#


This is pre-alpha stuff - don't use it yet, don't look at the code, just keep moving on, folks!


Install the pre-release of the TuiForms nuget package, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package TuiForms -Pre


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The Elevator Pitch

The TuiForms library

  • Is for DotNet Developers who are making console apps that need a UI
  • It makes writing form style applications on the console easy
  • Unlike ncurses, TuiForms is intuitive and easy to use with c# and other dotnet languages. Probably Dotnet core too.

I'm not sure why there isn't something like this already.
I want to get this usable with DotNet Core console ASAP.


Thanks to...

  • Martin Berglund (Mabe02) for the java Lanterna library that I initally converted TuiForms from
  • Tangible Software Solutions for the trial java to c# converter I used
  • Jeroen Frijters for IKVM; it really helped and IKVM is going to be missed...
  • The folk at ILSPY because it is frekkin awesome.
  • Jonathan Verrecchia for initializr, used to design this web page
  • Casey Scarborough for the github-activity widget
  • MS Visual Studio, DotNet, GitHub, Bootstrap and Bootswatch, ... this list will expand as I add this to Nuget, add more testing etc

And everyone else who is awesome.

If you use TuiForms, go be nice to a person.
This includes if you copy code, or are impressed or amused or use this as an object lesson of what not to do...

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